Revisting the Legends of Commander 2016

Ryan discusses the reception and current feelings towards the four-color generals and the partner mechanic.

Breakfast with the Color Pie

The goblins analyze the old fashioned American breakfast via the Color Pie.

Mechanics in Review: Ikoria

Mechanics in Review goes back to spring 2020, a time many of us would rather have forgotten, but like Companion, we’re still living with.


Channel your lands from hand to graveyard and back in Standard with Witherbloom Command.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Sage and Arizona Legacy!

Pat and Jerry chat about Legacy.

Secret Layers: February 2022 Superdrop

The drops include new Universes Beyond cards, additional Kamigawa showcase styles, and unique art by some of Japan’s very best artists.

What’s in a Name? A Glossary of Sacred Spaces in Kamigawa

Jacob explores the terms for sacred spaces in Japanese religion as they appear on the plane of Kamigawa.

Design of a Card: Ecologist’s Terrarium

The latest descendent of Braidwood Sextant humbly impresses by doing things we’ve seen hundreds of times before in a never before seen package.

Marvel Unbound Quarterly Report, Volume 3

Check out the new series of ePack Marvel illustrations from artists fred.ian!

Mechtitan Suite of Artworks Sell for $17,300

These works beautifully represent a new subclass of creature that Magic is exploring on a reimagined Kamigawa.

East vs. West

Jerry welcomes on West Coast D&T player David Barentsen to talk about his day at the recent Channel Fireball $1.5k.