Wizards Won’t Censor Magic’s Story to Accommodate Foreign Content Restrictions

Their statement comes a year after the controversy surrounding the surprising end of the romantic relationship between Chandra and Nissa.

Magic: the Netflixening

What happens when you compress ten weeks of play into two? Magic’s Netflix era.

Exploring the 2020 Marvel Masterpieces by Dave Palumbo, Volume V

This week’s features pieces hold some of the best stories of the entire set.

Card Kingdom

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Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 7: Gift Exchange

Pack 7 volunteers to host your own private White Elephant gift-giving ceremony.

Brad Barclay Wins the Zendikar Rising Championship

He piloted Azorius Control to victory over Autumn Burchett’s Mono-Red Goblins.

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 6: The Feast of Saint Nicholas

Banish evil and protect the meek with the help of Saint Nicholas.

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 5: Snow!!!

It’s snowing goblins in the latest Jumpstart pack.

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 4: Santa’s Workshop

Mishra’s Factory operates throughout the winter, producing an efficient stream of toys.

All Gathering No Magic, Part 2

Ian and Tom (from The Dead Format) join the cast to talk about everything—except Magic.