Exacting Exits

This week our resident draconic etiquette expert tackles the difficulty of exiting a game group you no longer want to take part in.

Bodies Bodies Bodies: Tombstone Stairwell

Kyle goes deep into the vault for a new idea for a Pre-Modern aggro black zombie build with Tombstone Stairwell

Seriously, Play Commander Precons More Often

Luka is here to discuss the many reasons why you should keep some precons in your deck rotation.

An Expert Review of Eldraine’s Enchanting Tales (With Special Guest)

Rob invites a very special guest to use their expertise in early childhood education and children’s stories to talk about Eldraine and Magic’s storytelling.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Three Wilds of Eldraine Cards I’m Excited for in Commander

There are tons of new cards to consider from Wilds of Eldraine, but Lowry rounded up the newcomers they’re most excited about.

My first cEDH Tournament Win – Rograkh/Thrasios in Action

Sam brings a round-by-round recap of Rograkh/Thrasios collecting the overall win.

Top Commanders from Wilds of Eldraine

Faeries, merfolk, and a chance to play Icy Manipulator? Ryan looks at some of the most exciting Commanders to come from Wilds of Eldraine.

Angels: They’re Just Like Us but Cooler and with Wings

Angels, reprints, and a newcomer in paper. Donny takes a detailed look into the art of the newest Secret Lair Commander deck.

Sixty Card Society

Do dragons have kitchen tables to play Magic at? Even so, Mizz Mizzet is here with advice on how to setup your best kitchen table Magic!

Planeshift Set Retrospective

Luka looks back to the heavy-hitting Commander cards found in Planeshift, the small set wedged between Invasion and Apocalypse.

Wilds of Eldraine Jumpstart and Commander Previews

New Jumpstart cards—but no Jumpstart packs—plus a Food Commander and the Throne of Eldraine gets its own card!