Luka Sharaska


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What Is Alchemy? A Primer On The Most Experimental Format

Luka gets you up to speed on everything you need to know about Alchemy on Magic Arena.

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What Is Historic Artisan? A Primer On A Format Without Rares

Luka gives an overview on the decks, creativity, and gameplay of Historic Artisan on Magic Arena.

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Underpriced and Underrated Commander Playables From 2022

Luka takes us through their top choices for budget Commander pickups in 2022.

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The Weird and New Creature Types of 2022

Bird Demons, Rat Pilots, and Turtle Ninjas, oh my!

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The Brothers’ War Limited Primer: The Best Colors & Commons to Win Your Prerelease

Hit the ground running in your first Brothers’ War event with Limited specialist Luka Sharaska’s early insights.

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Here’s How I Handled Magic: The Gathering Burnout

Luka shares their advice on keeping Magic fresh and recovering from burnout.

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Dominaria United Green-Red Aggro Draft Guide

Two drops and combat tricks get the job done with this Yavimaya horde.

Tenth Anniversary Top 10

Top 10 Cards You Want, But Don’t Want to Face, In DMU Limited

Get your tips for Dominaria United drafting right here!