Plaguing it Safe

Rob has a new standard brew inspired by… the black death? Am I reading this right? Rob, are you okay? Blink once if…

Four Bad Cards Commander Players Keep Playing

Lowry takes a look at some common trap cards Commander players find themselves running, and why they should reconsider.

Secret Layers: Spookydrop 2023

Donny takes a deep dive on the most recent drop of Secret Lair art. New basic lands, classic films, and more.

Why Can’t Anyone Buy Lorcana Cards Right Now?

Have you tried buying Lorcana cards lately? Noticed that boxes are selling for triple the MSRP? What’s going on anyways?

Card Kingdom

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Getting Timey-Wimey With Doctor Who Commander Previews

Check out the latest Magic cards for all of the Doctors, their companions, and their nemeses!

Eldraine Story Deep Dive: Beauty and the Werefox

Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time, but can Wizards creative team do it justice as they re-envision the classic for Eldraine?

On The Edge And Arena Fumbles

Get ready to live on the edge in this week’s Midweek Magic!

The Gathering in Las Vegas

Sam’s column switches to a new day and to celebrate they’re forgoing the usual strategy content in favor of “Sam’s Weekend in Vegas!” Enjoy.

The Lure of the Goyf

Rob takes Standard’s newest Goyf legacies for a spin but will the resulting deck live up to its most infamous predecessors?

What the Heck Does Power Level Even Mean?

Lowry wants to know what is Power Level? Do you know? Ask your friends. Do they know? Does anyone know? Find out inside!

About Urza’s Saga with Allison Steele

Kyle was blown away by the uniqueness of Urza’s Saga (the card, not the set) so he reached out to the card’s originator to learn more