Entering the Shadow: Yuriko

Know the feeling when you uncover a commander you never new existed? Lowry’s head is spinning with ideas for Yuriko.

We’re All Stories in the End – Doctor Who Lore

Ryan is here to look at how the flavor matches up the mechanics of the Doctor Who Sagas.

Picking The Best Horror-Themed Commander

Spirits, zombies, and more! Ryan takes a look at what the best commander choices are for creatures who go bump in the night.

Caring Condolences

My dear Gentle Entities, and those who are mourning our communal loss. If you are not familiar with Sheldon Menery, […]

Card Kingdom

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The Doctor Who Commander Review, Part 1

Luka takes a deep dive into the Doctor Who Commander cards; featuring Time Lords, Daleks, and plenty of Doctors to choose from.

Ode to a Deck: Pit Rack

This isn’t a deck tech. It’s a love letter from Kyle to one of his most beloved decks of all time. Bottomless Pit. The Rack. Pit Rack.

Cards I Like to Avoid in cEDH

When I compare decklists from other players to decks that I build, I notice a handful of cards that show […]

Plaguing it Safe

Rob has a new standard brew inspired by… the black death? Am I reading this right? Rob, are you okay? Blink once if…

Four Bad Cards Commander Players Keep Playing

Lowry takes a look at some common trap cards Commander players find themselves running, and why they should reconsider.

Secret Layers: Spookydrop 2023

Donny takes a deep dive on the most recent drop of Secret Lair art. New basic lands, classic films, and more.

Why Can’t Anyone Buy Lorcana Cards Right Now?

Have you tried buying Lorcana cards lately? Noticed that boxes are selling for triple the MSRP? What’s going on anyways?