Excavating Antiquities: A Brothers’ War Companion, Part 1

How do we piece together the history of The Brothers’ War from the flavor text of Antiquities cards?

Top 5 of Goblin Lore’s Top 10s

The goblins say congrats to Hipsters of the Coast on reaching 10 years of producing content. Better late than never!

How to Draft UMA-Inspired Cube

With CubeCon imminent, we break down the major archetypes of Hipsters’ own UMA-Inspired Cube.

Changeling Artist Collective Launches Woven Path Tarot Kickstarter

The kickstarter for this original tarot deck inspired by medieval tapestries begins today!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Magic’s Changing Foils

The evolving struggle to build an all-foil deck.

Why I Fell Short in Competitive Magic

Lowry reflects on their highs and lows in competitive Magic: The Gathering.

LAL Open IX Winner Tony Scapone

LaL Open winner Tony Scapone joins the cast to chat about his outstanding performance at the final Leaving a Legacy Open.

Umbra Queen — The Return

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty provided suprising support for Ryan’s Kestia, the Cultivator umbra-themed deck.

The Ultimate Guide to Magic Spellslingers

Sinistra Black introduces her comprehensive multi-part guide to Magic Spellslingers, the new mobile & PC offering from Wizards of the Coast.

Preparing for the Unknown

Anxiety and excitement battle it out as a major trip looms.

Sketch Card Showcase — Perna Studios Elementals 2

Perna Studios released another set of sketch cards this summer, Elementals 2. Donny reports on his efforts to collect them.