The Thorn in Our Side: Vito & The Legacy of Spanish Conquest

Forget Rivals of Ixalan, Elenda & Vito are the Rivals of Torrezon.

Amonkhet Remastered Contains Cards From Outside of the Amonkhet Block

Amonkhet, with a twist: Collected Company, Hornet Queen, Wrath of God, and Rest in Peace were previewed today.

The Second Main Phase Will Continue to Raise Money for Black Lives Matter and other Black Causes

The fundraiser will build on the success of the #MagicArtChallenge, which raised $36,432.

Feast of the Epiphany

Is it time for some new ideas in Standard?

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Welcome to the Cosplay Stream

Magic cosplayers bring their art to their streams. Zenaide interviews Jana, Nessa, and Zab!

Episode 300—Thanks For the Memories

Pat and Jerry welcome back some of their favorite guests to celebrate their 300th episode.

Here There Be Masters

Double Masters has some amazing new art—despite being an all-reprint set.

Toxic Masculinity With Michelle Rapp, Part 1

The goblins welcome back their OG (original goblin) guest, Michelle Rapp!

Budget Solitaire Magic: Pauper Walls Combo

Play more paper Magic at home with this series of budget combo decks to play as solitaire.