None Shall Pass Bombs

Overs and Unders

Carrie breaks down his five most over and under rated cards in Kaladesh draft.

Next Level Kaladesh in Milwaukee

Carrie celebrates late-season Limited Grand Prix and takes it to the next level in Milwaukee.

The Final Super Sunday

Carrie says goodbye to the Super Sunday Series and hopes for a better replacement.

Things to Do at Grand Prix Denver

Carrie welcomes the Magic community to Denver for the Grand Prix weekend. Looking for things to do outside the venue? Check out this list!

Card Kingdom

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Sometimes You Win

Carrie won a sealed PPTQ last weekend. Hear how she did it.

Only a Game

Carrie explores why politics should not be treated like a game.

I Might Be Wrong

Carrie reflects on the importance of skepticism in Magic and life.

Things to Do on Kaladesh

Carrie brainstorms on some powerful Kaladesh cards that might be under your radar for both Limited and Constructed.

Kaladesh Limited Review

Carrie predicted Kaladesh would be an all-time great Limited format. What does she think three weeks after release?

Lessons from Grand Prix Atlanta

Carrie reports on Kaladesh Limited after Grand Prix Atlanta.

How to Play Control in Kaladesh Sealed

Carrie took a control deck to the top eight of a Kaladesh sealed PPTQ. Read how to play defense in an aggressive format.