None Shall Pass Bombs

Minnesota Feats

Carrie returns from Grand Prix Minneapolis with a Sealed masterpiece from the Sunday PTQ. See how to win without broken rares.

Lessons from Kyoto

Carrie reflects on some key moments from the coverage of Pro Tour Hour of Devastation in Kyoto last weekend.

Rainy Toronto Slips Away

Carrie went undefeated on day one of Grand Prix Toronto on a disastrous Friday night with no sleep and came within one game of making the top 8.

Almost My Hour

Carrie finished third in an Hour of Devastation Limited PPTQ. Read her tips to prepare for Grand Prix Toronto and Kyoto.

Card Kingdom

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Release the Devastation

Carrie reports from the Hour of Devastation pre-release. First impression? The mana is a lot worse for aggressive decks.

Vintage Cube in Blue and White and Red

Carrie takes the Magic Online Vintage Cube for a few spins.

Fun in the Sun

Carrie takes Time to Reflect on her personal highlights of Amonkhet Limited. Fun for the whole family!

Five Lessons from Grand Prix Vegas

Carrie shares five lessons from the Magic extravaganza in the desert that was Grand Prix Las Vegas.

Repetition is Variation

Carrie reflects on repetition and the competitive grind as she heads to Grand Prix Las Vegas.

Sealed Cards I Want to Pull

As Carrie prepares for the RPTQ this weekend and Grand Prix Vegas after that, she shares what she hopes to pull from her Sealed packs.

Return to Theros

Carrie can’t stop comparing Amonkhet draft to Theros. Does that mean blue-green tempo is the best deck again?