None Shall Pass Bombs

Rebalancing the Competitive Equation

The new era of Magic esports is off to a good start.

Perusing the Ultimate Masters Reprints

Carrie runs down some notable Ultimate Masters reprints.

Top Eight Ultimate Masters Reprints

What are the most exciting Ultimate Masters reprints spoiled so far?

Drafting Golgari

Carrie drafts Golgari in Guilds of Ravnica and wins!

Card Kingdom

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The Front Half at Grand Prix Denver

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Denver and gushes for split cards.

Izzet in Team Sealed

Carrie talks Team Sealed for Grand Prix Denver, and examines the Izzet-Boros matchup.

A Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Experiment

Carrie pretends to be an experimental whatever-they-call-themselves member of the Izzet League.

Rares I Want to Open at my Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease

Carrie fantasizes about the rares she hopes to open at the Guilds of Ravnica prerelease.

Guildmages of Ravnica

Carrie celebrates the newly spoiled guildmages from Guild of Ravnica.

Early Look at Guilds of Ravnica Limited Spoilers

Carrie has your early looks at Limited cards for Guilds of Ravnica spoiler season.

Return to the Top Five

Carrie recalls her top five Limited cards from Return to Ravnica.