None Shall Pass Bombs

Extract from Darkness

Carrie found a hidden gem of EMA draft: the rare Dimir reanimator deck!

The Clock and Online Metagames

Carrie built an online PTQ sealed deck that was too slow for the clock. The online metagame is plagued by this across formats.

Eternal Masters PPTQ

Carrie finished third in an Eternal Masters sealed PPTQ and reports on the fun.

Eternal Masters Sealed

Carrie provides some guidance for Eternal Masters sealed tournaments.

Card Kingdom

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Last Exit to the RPTQ

Carrie took a shot at qualifying for Pro Tour Sydney last weekend, snagging a last chance slot for the Denver RPTQ.

Los Angeles Modern Life

Fresh from Grand Prix Los Angeles, Carrie reports on Nahiri Jeskai and sideboarding in Modern.

I Love the PPTQ

Carrie tells you why she loves PPTQs and you should stop hating on them so much.

Skill Game

Carrie examines strategic metagame manipulation and what it means for one format to require more skill than another.

Clue Drafting

Carrie delves into the blue-green clue archetype in Shadows Over Innistrad draft.

The Future of the Pro Tour

Carrie examines the challenges facing the Pro Tour in the future.

Grand Prix Albuquerque

Carrie reports on Shadows Over Innistrad sealed and draft from Grand Prix Albuquerque, where she finished 52nd.