None Shall Pass Bombs

Rejuvenating Masters

Carrie reflects on the joy of drafting Modern Masters sets and hopes for a return to old form down the road.

Top Eight Two Drops of Core Set 2019

Carrie celebrates the best two drops of Core Set 2019.

Top Eight Control Magics

Over the years, many cards have been printed that take control of a creature permanently.

Old Time Magic

Carrie had a blast (from the past) at the M19 prerelease.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Happy Fourth of July

Hipsters of the Coast wishes you a hopeful and happy Fourth of July.

Early Looks at M19 Limited

Carrie gushes about the most boring set of commons imaginable. Yes, it’s M19 spoiler season!

The Fires of Grand Prix Vegas

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Las Vegas, where she finished 188th in the largest Magic tournament ever.

The Chantilly Conjecture

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Washington DC in scenic Chantilly, Virginia.

Gruul Reality

Try as she might, Carrie can’t stop drafting awesome Gruul decks in Dominaria.

My Favorite Dominaria Commons

Carrie highlights her favorite commons from Dominaria draft.

Drafting Against Type

Carrie continues her quest to learn to love drafting Gruul.