None Shall Pass Bombs

Faithless Looting Should Not Define Modern

Banning Bridge from Below won’t be enough.

Bad Slivers are Good Slivers

One could do worse than be a drafter of slivers.

Drafting Hogaak in Modern Horizons

Why should Constructed decks have all the fun with Hogaak?

Casual War of the Spark Drafting

Drafting with the amasses.

Card Kingdom

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First Impressions from the War of the Spark Prerelease

None shall open bombs at the prerelease, apparently.

Top Ten Soul Diviner Combos to Make You Go Hmmm

Carrie divines some sweet combos.

My Favorite Bad Ravnica Allegiance Cards

They’re all good dogs.

Open to Orzhov

Gate to the afterlife?

Returning to the Old Ways

All creatures all the time.

Azorius in Sealed

News flash: flying creatures are still good.

Mechanical Allegiance

Spectacle or Riot? Spectacle or Riot!