None Shall Pass Bombs

Removal in Amonkhet

Carrie breaks down the various forms of removal in Amonkhet draft, pointing out some ways to get creative.

Top Five Cartouches

Carrie breaks down the top five cartouches of Amonkhet draft.

Drafting Amonkhet in Richmond

Carrie reports from the day two draft tables at Grand Prix Richmond.

Gift of Paradise

Carrie shows off a multi-color green Amonkhet draft deck featuring Gift of Paradise.

Card Kingdom

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Having an Embalm

Carrie reports from the Amonkhet prerelease. Shocking news: embalm is good.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Times are busy, busy, busy. Magic and life come at you fast. Carrie tells you how to stay on your feet.

Amonkhet Limited Mechanics, Part II

Carrie breaks down the remaining three mechanics of Amonkhet Limited: -1/-1 counters, Aftermath, and Trials/Cartouches.

Amonkhet Limited Mechanics, Part I

Carrie breaks down the new Amonkhet mechanics and how they will influence Limited in both sealed and draft. Part I talks embalm, exert, and cycling!

Fighting the Fundamentals

Aether Revolt sealed has proven to be a weak format. Carrie explains why, based on the fundamentals of sealed play.

Card Evaluation in Context

Owen Turtenwald joined the latest episode of Limited Resources, and it’s one of the best discussions of draft theory. Carrie builds on Owen’s advice.

A Tradition Like No Other

Carrie looks at Modern Masters sets of the past to help guide you through a Modern Masters 2017 draft.