None Shall Pass Bombs

Nostalgia Trip

Carrie takes a nostalgia trip through some of her old cards and finds some gems.

Dominaria Quick Hits

Carrie talks Dominaria cards that impressed her at the prerelease.

New Age Kicker

Carrie examines some fun creatures with kicker for Dominaria Limited.

My Favorite Crappy Artifacts

Carrie reminisces about bad artifacts she’s played over the years in Limited, and looks at how to turn on historic in Dominaria.

Card Kingdom

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Legendary Sorcery

Carrie examines the value of the legendary sorcery cycle in Dominaria limited.


Carrie considers the meaning of vertical cards.

A Quarter Century of Blue

Carrie explores the best archetype in Masters 25 draft: blue cards.

Masters 25 Sealed

Getting ready to play a Masters 25 Sealed tournament this weekend? Carrie breaks down some key commons and uncommons.

The Hammer With Masters

Carrie drafted Modern Masters 2017 last week to help prepare you to be disappointed as you crack boxes of Masters 25.

Masters 25 Limited Speculation

Carrie guesses at some cards that might fill out the Masters 25 Liited environment.

Adventures in Multiple-Choice Land

Carrie examines the design of the multiple-choice test that was Trial 2 of the Great Designer Search 3.