Yet Another Leak to Patch for Wizards of the Coast

Some marketing mock-up packaging images were part of a leak in the latest annoyance for Wizards of the Coast.

Can Magic be a Spectator Sport

League of Legends and Hearthstone have become major spectator sports. Can Magic follow suit?

Test of Metal

Welcome to our 2016 52 in 52 series. This year I will be reading 52 Magic: the Gathering novels spanning […]

Choosing a Deck for GP Lousiville

Zac gets back to RUG and Nathan thinks thats a good thing.

Miracles and You

This week Kate tells you how to play against her least favorite deck, Miracles.

The Final Super Sunday

Brendan says goodbye to the Super Sunday Series and hopes for a better replacement.

Linear Strategies in Hearthstone

Linear strategies may not be flashy but they can get the job done and help explore a new format.

Just Play Drakonid Operative

Forget everything Anthony told you about playing Midrange Shaman last week

Misery, the Deck

Are you feeling down? Do you hate the idea of opponents casting spells? Do you want to throw rocks at them? Jerry has a Legacy deck just for you.

Let’s Change the World Magic Cup

We discuss how to get the most out of the World Magic Cup

Agents of Artifice

Have you ever wondered where the history between Jace, Liliana, and Tezzeret comes from? Wonder no more as we review Agents of Artifice!

Vintage Fun and Legacy Finance Slumps

Nate and Zac talk about Zac’s showing at the Comic Book Depot Charity Vintage Event, then talk MTG Finance and the current goings on in the Legacy finance market.