Developments in Durdling

Secret Tempo Mage: A Breakdown for Legend

Zac breaks down the Secret Tempo mage deck he’s taking on his journey to Legend in Hearthstone.

Masters Format

Zac Clark is upset with Aaron Forsythe’s reminder about No New Formats.

Junk Gifts in a Wonky Meta

Zac Clark is forcing Gifts again in a meta that doesn’t have a lot of dedicated graveyard hate.

New York Mood

Zac Clark ain’t too salty about GPNY.

75 Cards and a Little Hope

Zac’s focused on a good weekend.

Pact Wars

Zac Clark is going full on Daniel Webster this weekend! Unleash the Pact.

Keep on Giving

Zac Clark can’t wait to unleash another broken combo into Modern.

Superfriends in Shadows

Zac Clark has two control builds for the new Standard meta.

Enough with the Spindowns

Zac Clark is sick and tired of telling people to stop using Spindowns.

Power to the Puca

Zac reviews his positive experiences with PucaTrade.

2 Stories about Limited

Zac shares two stories about Limited.

Just Playtest Modern

Zac tells WotC, “YOU HAD ONE JOB!” and that was to playtest new cards in Modern.