Developments in Durdling

Gift Guide for the Non Planeswalker in your Life

Some of us have people to buy gifts for other than co-workers, and other magic players. I confess, that much […]

Developements in Durdling—It’s Banned in Modern pt 2

Zac concludes his look at the Modern Banned list, focusing on combo enablers. What makes the cut?

It’s Banned in Modern, Part One

Zac Clark, Durdle Magus takes a look at the Modern Banned List… and tries to shake loose a few cards.

Legacy Fish Sideboard and Updates

There’s a belief dating back to the times before the Brothers Grimm began archiving fairy tales that if a person […]

Card Kingdom

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True-Name Fish

Zac Clark takes us true the Legacy Gauntlet with Merfolk and offers some updates to Legacy’s favorite tribe.

Pushing Geist in Modern

After running gifts for the last ten or so weeks in Modern. I decided to go back to my old […]

500 Strong and Growing

Zac commemorates the 500th post at Hipsters of the Coast!

Breaking Down the Meta

We’re heading into week 3 of post rotation Standard. Right now Red Deck Wins, Azorius Control and Esper Control seem […]

Developements in Durdling—First Impressions

Zac updates Esper Control in Preparation for Sunday’s GPT.

Hexproof and Hindsight

Blogging is sometimes like a message into the future. For me it’s Thursday. For you it’s Saturday morning. Three days […]

Theros Meta Calls

I know last week I was all over this whole let’s keep talking about control, in Theros. Yea, I’m over […]