Developments in Durdling

Spoiler Alert (Oathgate)

Zac reports on Oathgate—the surprise spoiler of Oath of the Gatewatch rares and expeditions.

A Comedy, A Tragedy, A Playlist.

Zach shares some comedy, silliness, idiocy, and tunes for the Grand Prix goer.

Born to Lose

Zac Clark has something important to say to the competitive MTG Community.

Puca Hero

Earlier this month I finally started using PucaTrade. I was initially a bit of a skeptic as using this site […]

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Magic 2020

The following is a short fiction placing us in a dystopian future for MTG. We come to see a day […]

The New Face of MTGO

Zac can’t understand why MTGO hasn’t changed fundamentally in the last 10 years.

10 Questions: The Geekery HQ!

In the wake of a sort of Black hole that that summer has been for me with Magic (between 20ss […]

The Boogeymen

Zac Clark talks shop about Shops and Dredge. Two of Vintage’s most maligned decks.

Developing in Durdling—Eyes on Eternal Weekend

Dust off your Moxen and find your Graveyard hate. It’s that time of year again. Eternal Weekend is about one […]

Watch the Tram Car, Please

Zac Clark tries to focus on focusing.

Modern Kinks

Zac Clark went salt mining in MM2 Drafts over the last week.