Developments in Durdling

You Only Get What You Give

Zac likes giving things to is opponents… Headaches top that list.

Evolving in Vintage

Zac Clark goes full hipster and plays some Vintage.

Grand Prix Good Times

What a weekend! So much fun. Great games, good times with friends, laughs, bad beats amazing top decks, you know, a Grand Prix.

I’m Burning for Three

Zac preaches the virtues of burning your opponent with red spells in Modern.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Split an SCG IQ or Developments in Delver

Last Sunday, Zac had his first taste at real success in a large scale MTG Tournament at the Get There Games SCG IQ.

The Tilt Cycle

I came back to the game close to two years ago. In that time I’ve certainly gotten better. Better comes […]

Storm’s a-Brewing

The Durdle Magus is thinking about rocking Storm at GP Richmond. Is he on the right track?

Christmas in March

Zac has a few tricks up his sleeve and its thinking about unwrapping Gifts for GP Richmond.

U/R Delver in Legacy

Zac Clark delves into UR in Legacy, what flips is no secret.

The State of Modern pt 2

Last week I glossed over Aggro and Midrange decks in Modern. I covered each deck as I saw it in […]

The State of Modern pt 1

Zac takes a tour of Modern as we prepare for the new year!