It’s time for GP NYC. Well more like GP NJ (but kinda close to NYC) Listen, I could bitch til I’m blue in the face about why I really think that WOTC should just look to BK for a GP venue. I mean the Armory could use a revamp, actually, I have no idea what that place is/does right now. Like I said, I COULD… but I wont. Frankly, I’m happy this event is so close. I’m excited to be able to play in a constructed event close to home that actually could get me to the pro tour… with PPTQs pretty much offering next to no PWPs and pretty much the slimmest of chances into a RPTQ. A GP is as good as it gets.

Somehow I even racked up enough points two years ago to have 2 byes for this last event of the season. Sadly, I haven’t been wizarding hard enough this year to have byes for the next years events. That’s a bummer, so I really want to not squander this opportunity to play with 60 cards and all the advantages of 2 byes.

I’ve been practicing pretty hard but still haven’t hit stride with any decks. I’ve consigned myself to Esper Dragons for Saturday. A deck I’m more than happy to play, but I know is going to take a lot of concentration.

I’m most looking forward to the Hipsters of the Coast dinner on Friday Night. We don’t all get to see each other on the regular these days so It’ll be rad to get everyone together at the same table.

I’ll be tweeting and instagraming the event hopefully with good news and several friend’s wins. Follow me at @Durdlemagus on Twitter and @rockertycoon on Instagram. If you are there say YO. I’ll be in the blue bike cap with “BROOKLYN” written on the front.


Zac Clark

Zac Clark is the Founder of Hipsters of the Coast. An avid gamer since his early teens, Zac can often be found in Brooklyn either playing games or taking photos. When he’s not drawing extra cards, wrathing boards and countering spells, he’s taking pictures of other peoples good times and listening to 90’s Music

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