Developments in Durdling

A Week Off/Top 5 M15

Zac doesn’t often take time away from the game. But when he does ….

Stories from the PTQ scene

Zac brings up a couple of things to look out for at PTQs and events in general.

Pro Tour Qualifiers and You

Zac Clark shares his hard earned tricks from 3 PTQs in a row. From helpful secrets to things that should be obvious!

American Gifts Redux

Zac “Durdle Magus” Clark is upto his old trick once more just in time for Modern PTQ Season.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Towel Throwing

Zac looks to the next season of PTQs with some trepidation in choosing a new deck.


Zac Clark breaks down how Conspiracy is vastly different than anything Magic has put out before.

Picking a Deck

Zac Clark looks into what goes into picking a deck.

Pulling the RUG Out: A Sideboard Story

Zac has a new sideboard plan of Legacy RUG Delver: he wants you to board in Rest in Peace.

Seasonal Slump

Zac can’t help falling into slumps, but he’s got some insight on how to deal with them.

GP Philly Live Tweet

Zac is doing his best to live-tweet GP Philly with updates of our teammates.

Going Eternal

How I went from starting to play Magic again as a drafter to (two years later) playing Legacy and looking at Vintage as a perspective format.