On Today’s Minute: Wizards finally released a statement about bullying and harassment in the Magic community. Plus, today’s Magic story is the first official Un-Set story!

Last night, Wizards of the Coast finally released a statement on bullying and harassment in the Magic community. The statement came five days after news broke that Christine Sprankle was leaving the community due to sustained and targeted harassment.

In the statement, Wizards says that it is actively investigating reports of harassment as quickly as possible, and Jeremy Hambly confirmed on Twitter that he was at least one of the people under investigation. Wizards also announced that it will update its Code of Conduct, which governs how people in the Magic community are expected to interact with each other, and that it plans on being more proactive in setting expectations for behavior at events and in the larger community.

In other news, today’s Magic story features the first official Un-Set story. Written by Mark Rosewater, father of all things Un-Set, and titled “World Class,” the story explores the world of Bablovia, it’s five governing factions, and how it all came to be. Make sure to check it out at magic.wizards.com.


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Read Wizards of the Coast’s statement on bullying and harassment in the Magic community here.

Read Wizards of the Coast’s Code of Conduct here.

Read today’s Magic story about Unstable here.

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