Update (12/7/17): Travis Woo has been suspended by the DCI for one year.

Update (12/2/17): Legion Supplies has revealed that it had contacted Team Metagame Gurus and threatened to pull its sponsorship, as well, but Team MGG was already in discussions to drop Travis Woo from the team. See Rich Stein’s article and the update at the end of this article for more details.

This afternoon, Team Metagame Gurus announced on Twitter that it was officially separating with Travis Woo.

Team MGG’s decision comes after this week’s controversy over inclusion and acceptance in the Magic community. Woo was discovered to be the creator and administrator of a Facebook Group called “Magic for Bad”, which often featured sexist, misogynistic, and racist content.

In a statement on Twitter, Team MGG said that they “embrace equality and diversity within the community.” We reached out to Team MGG for an official non-Tweet statement but hadn’t heard back by publish time.

Magic for Bad became public when Emma Handy tweeted about its existence last Wednesday and the fact that the group had held a “Pack 1, Pick 1” of women in the Magic community in June. The post was extremely popular and was only deleted when Handy publicized its existence in the thread below.

Hipsters of the Coast was able to independently verify the existence of the P1P1 of women in the Magic community, as well as dozens of other sexist, misogynistic, and racist posts by other members since the group’s creation last year.

Woo shut the group down on Thursday after its discovery. He apologized to the group in a YouTube video, saying that he had “exposed some of [them] DCI investigations” and “had led [them] into a bad place.”

This is the second time that Travis Woo has parted ways with a large outlet. Two years ago Channel Fireball dropped Woo as a content creator after discussing the merits of Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf on his Twitch stream.

Travis Woo is a Gold Pro who finished second in last year’s Draft Master race. He is qualified for next February’s Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. Team Metagame Gurus is a new team for the second season of the Pro Tour Team series and is sponsoring two teams: Sun and Moon. Woo had been a member of Team Moon, which is currently in 6th place in the Pro Tour Team Series standings.

Update 12/2/17

This morning, Legion Supplies, the sponsor of Team Metagame Gurus, posted on Facebook that it had threatened to pull its sponsorship of the team unless they removed Travis Woo, but Team MGG was already in the process of separating from Woo.

Update (12/8/17)

Steven Port, owner of Legion Supplies, contact us to clarify that Team Metagame Gurus was already in the process of removing Travis Woo from the team when Legion threatened to pull its sponsorship. The article has been updated accordingly.

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