On Today’s Minute: The World Magic Cup is this weekend, featuring Ixalan Team Sealed, Team Unified Standard, and a new, complicated tournament structure.

The 2017 World Magic Cup kicks off Friday morning at 4am Eastern from Nice, France. 73 teams from across the globe will compete for the right to call themselves world champions.

Each team will be made up of three players: their country’s top Pro Point earner, and the 1st and 2nd place finishers at each country’s National Championships.

Day 1 will have seven rounds, starting with three rounds of Ixalan Team Sealed, where the teams will build three 40-card decks from 12 packs of Ixalan. The day will finish with four rounds of Team Unified Standard, in which teams must build three Standard decks that do not share any of the same cards—meaning that only one deck can play up to four copies of Negate, for example.

In order to make Day 2 and play more Team Unified Standard, a team must get four wins on Day 1. But in an interesting twist, once a team has four wins, they are done for the day and won’t have to play any additional rounds. Then Day 2 will feature two three-round stages between groups of four teams. The groups will play a mini round-robin tournament, and once a team gets two wins, they’ll advance to the second similar group stage, and then the eight teams that get two more wins will advance to Sunday’s Top 8, which will also be Team Unified Standard.

For an amazing preview of the World Magic Cup and all 73 of the teams that will be competing this weekend, make sure to check out this week’s episode of Talking Points with Rich Hagon.


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