Magic pro Travis Woo received a one year ban from the DCI for his involvement in the Magic for Bad Facebook group.

In a statement, Elaine Chase, Wizards’ Vice President of Global Brand Strategy, said that the company is taking steps to “to help foster a better, more inclusive Magic community. As part of this effort, today we took action against a number of players for violations of the Magic Code of Conduct.”

The official DCI list of suspended players.

Travis Woo’s ban is a part of a larger wave of suspensions announced this evening, including the lifetime ban of Jeremy Hambly, also known as MTG Headquarters and Unsleeved Media.

Woo posted on Twitter that he is appealing his suspension. His tweet included screenshots of the DCI email informing him of his suspension. The email notes that this suspension is specifically for his involvement with the Magic for Bad Facebook group

Click for a larger version.

Woo is a former member of the Pro Tour Team Series Team Metagame Gurus. Last week, it was discovered that a Facebook group called Magic for Bad had been created by Woo and was home to dozens of sexist, misogynist, and racist content. In response, Metagame Guru’s sponsor, Legion Games, threatened to pull its funding from the team if Woo remained on the team. Metagame Gurus then released a statement last Friday announcing that it was parting ways with Woo because of, but not limited to, his involvement with Magic for Bad.

Magic for Bad wasn’t the first time Travis Woo has crossed the line and gotten in trouble. Two years ago Channel Fireball dropped Woo as a content creator after discussing the merits of Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf on his Twitch stream.

Travis Woo was a Gold Pro who finished second in last year’s Draft Master race. He was qualified for next February’s Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. Team Metagame Gurus is a new team for the second season of the Pro Tour Team series and is sponsoring two teams: Sun and Moon. Woo had been a member of Team Moon, which is currently in 6th place in the Pro Tour Team Series standings.

Update (12/7/17)

We added Woo’s Twitter post and the screenshot of the DCI’s email to the body of the article.

This story is still developing. We’ll update it as more information is available.

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