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Travis Woo Suspended by the DCI for 1 Year

Woo has a history of controversial statements and was the creator and administrator of the Facebook group Magic for Bad.

What We Learned

The Many Layers of Travis Woo and Magic for Bad

On Friday, team MetaGame Gurus parted ways with Travis Woo. At the time this decision sat uneasily with me—not because […]

Breaking News

Team Metagame Gurus Separates With Travis Woo

Team MGG chose to split with Woo after the last week’s controversy over inclusion and acceptance in the Magic community.

What We Learned

The Travis Woo Interview

We catch up with former Channel Fireball writer Travis Woo

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A Planeswalker's Guide to Earth

A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth—Perpetuating Propaganda

Jess and Curtis respond with historical context to Travis Woo’s poisonous and misinformed discussion of Nazi propaganda during his recent Magic stream.