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Drawing Live

Jeskai Charm

What makes a charm good? Why should a charm see play in Limited or Constructed? Let’s examine… Jeskai Charm.

Power and Toughness

Grand Prix Crab Cakes

Matt Jones, aka The Obliterator, aka Die Bestie, aka Artist Money, went to GP Baltimore. Here is his story.

Counting to 20

GP Baltimore from the Booth

GCB spent an entire weekend at a Grand Prix and didn’t play any Magic. Here’s what he saw.


Crushing Fools at Grand Prix Baltimore, Day One

Hunter was lucky enough to open up The Deck at GP Baltimore last weekend. Find out how he did with it!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Khans Top Ten

Carrie breaks down her top ten Khans of Tarkir limited cards.

Power and Toughness

Live Journal GP Baltimore

Matt waxes poetic on his current Magic interests and how he may have done at GP Baltimore.

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Team Draft League

Andy shares his Team Draft League experience thus far from an easy chair by the fire.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Multi Format All Stars

Carrie explores what makes a limited all star into a constructed powerhouse.

Silence, Exile, and Cunning

Round One

Derek is going deep… how far does he have to go backwards before he starts winning games of Limited?

Drawing Live

Modern Masters 2

Zach’s here with speculation and concerns about next year’s big release: Modern Masters 2!

From the Sideboard

Kramer Control Wins a PTQ

Hugh Kramer won NYC’s final limited PTQ. Read how it all went down!