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GP Baltimore

Scrub Report

Scrubbing Off Part 2

Hipsters’ newest scrub, Garrett Gardner, continues the tale of his Grand Prix Baltimore run!

Scrub Report

Scrubbing Off the Scrub Part 1

Hipsters is super excited to announce our first writer in the new, rotating Scrub Report: Garrett Gardner!


*80th* at Grand Prix Baltimore, Day Two

Hunter finished Day One of GP Baltimore needing two 3-0 drafts to make Top 8. Find out how he finished!

Ensnaring Cambridge

Quietly Contemplating GP Baltimore, Part Two

Shawn recounts his day two experience at GP Baltimore. If you like byes, finishing just outside of the money, and Efreet Weaponmaster READ ON.

Card Kingdom

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Crushing Fools at Grand Prix Baltimore, Day One

Hunter was lucky enough to open up The Deck at GP Baltimore last weekend. Find out how he did with it!

Ensnaring Cambridge

Quietly Contemplating GP Baltimore, Part One

Shawn managed to make day two at GP Baltimore with his ten creature Jeskai sealed deck. Read on to find out how.

Power and Toughness

Live Journal GP Baltimore

Matt waxes poetic on his current Magic interests and how he may have done at GP Baltimore.


The Five Cards You See Before You Die at GP Baltimore

Hunter breaks down the Khans of Tarkir commons and uncommons that will straight-up murder you out of nowhere.

Ensnaring Cambridge

The Non-Sealed Guide to GP Baltimore

Shawn takes a look at the upcoming side events and artists galleries at GP Baltimore.