Gabe Carleton-Barnes



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Modern Masters Garbage

Staying open in draft has its advantages, but can we find a way to have those advantages while also forcing a strategy? In Modern Masters 2015, there may be a way.

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A dramatic final to a PTQ turns into a dramatic judge call, as evidence points to foul play. But is it conclusive?

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Immortal Draft Archetypes

GCB finds a way to make a chaos bid draft a little less complicated.

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Where Has All the Aggro Gone?

GCB searches through recent standard results in search of a true aggressive contender.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

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Bombs Suck

GCB breaks down what made his draft decks at PT Dragons of Tarkir successful… or not so successful.

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Commands in Practice

Which is the most important mode on each of the new Commands, and what does that mean for their usefulness?

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Five Simple-ish DTK Cards

GCB breaks down one card for each color that have defied his expectations in Dragons of Tarkir limited.

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Three Ways to Miss

Three tales of Magic players struggling to find purchase on the Pro Tour thrill ride.

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Now It’s On

GCB hitched his last hopes for Pro Tour Brussels to sealed deck on Magic Online. Find out what happened in his full report. (Spoiler: there is drafting at the end)

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The Last Slice

What does a grinder do when there are no more PTQs to travel to? For GCB, the answer is on the Internet, and its codename is Modo.

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Basic Lands are Retro

What might Antonino De Rosa’s exciting Dark Deal deck imply about this stale Standard format?