Flag and Culture

Rob considers what a flag means.

Balancing Acts

Rob reviews the new planeswalker cards from the series of Planeswalker decks. Keeping them out of Standard is a balancing act.

New Worlds

Rob meditates on the solar eclipse, historical antecedents, brave worlds old and new, and what that all means for Ixalan.

Mouth to Scream

Out of Rob’s Mouth, wisdom comes. “Ho ho,” said the keeper of the beat.

Card Kingdom

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Make ’em Laugh

Rob examines the mechanics of humor and what it means for the new Magic humor set, Unstable.

Real Death

Rob reflects on the consequences of death and the representation of grief on Magic: the Gathering cards.

Sacred Cat, Profane Cat

Rob reflects on his pet cats, their mistaken link to the Bubonic Plague, and what that can tell us about Magic worlds.

Value and Legacy

Hour of Devastation is upon us, and Rob is considering the messages sent from Magic’s civilizations. Will Amonkhet leave a legacy of value?

Spirit Rapping

Rob explores the nature of the spirit in Magic and broader culture.

On Party Lines

Rob examines the history of Magic’s design through the lens of politics and party.

Dredge Logic

Rob digs into the profound brokenness of the dredge mechanic.