A Time-Traveling Tournament Report

Rob reports from an Old School tournament, complete with music and refreshments!

Commander 2018: Earliest Musings

Rob anticipates the Commander 2018 spoilers while reviewing the big hits from previous sets.

Lich-Craft Part 2: Honeymoon Phase

Rob updates his Standard Lich’s Mastery deck as we prepare for M19 to drop.

In Defense of Swamps

Rob reflects on the magical power of swamps.

Card Kingdom

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Rob goes over his top picks from Wizards latest casual offering: Battlebond!

Access and Accessibility

Rob takes an anthropological look at how cultures handle those among them who need help the most, and how it applies to Magic’s many diverse cultures as well.

Lich-Craft Part One: Infatuation

Rob shares the beginnings of his journey to playing Lich decks.

Extinctive Behavior

Rob explores the relationship between Dominaria’s past extinction events and our own.

Lok’ed Down

Who doesn’t love a good villain like Belzenlok? In fact, they’re essential to the story, but are they essential to our lives?


Rob digs the storytelling represented in the mechanics of the new Saga mechanic from Dominaria.

King of Infinite Space

Rob praises the efficiency of communication on Masters 25 and Dominaria cards.