Do Androids Dream of Electric Pig-Deer? 

What happens when you feed Magic terminology into artifivcial intelligence art generators?

The Gateful Eight

Rob ranks the top eight cards he’s most excited about from Commander Legends: Baldur’s Gate.

Wedge Issues

Why does New Capenna fail where Alara and Tarkir succeeded?

Getting Obnoxious With Ob Nixilis

They keep printing Jund sacrifice fodder and we keep shuffling up.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Toward A New Pioneer

Explorer will blaze the trail for Pioneer cards to be reprinted and released on Magic Arena.

There’s A Secret For Everybody

Eventually they will get you too.

Total Recall

What would you do for a draw-three card?

Daylight’s Wasting

Free time is a precious resource we love to spend drafting Magic and dying in Elden Ring.


Channel your lands from hand to graveyard and back in Standard with Witherbloom Command.

Counter Them Softly in Commander

Pick the counterspells that foster friendship around the table.

Imagine Standard in Neon Dynasty’s Secluded Courtyard

Kamigawa offers the latest version of popular creature-type five-color lands like Cavern of Souls and Ancient Ziggurat.