Week Six

This week we learn more about some of our worst matchups as Modern Hero attempts to put up more winning results.

Dack Delivers!

Evil Tim takes his Dack project for a test drive through a Daily.

Four Moments in Chantilly

Carrie shares some moments from Grand Prix DC.

Climbing Mount Ordeals

Derek takes “Angel Pod” for a spin at Tuesday-night Modern, and digs on Athreos, God of Passage in the board.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Vintage Masters Draft #2 (Video)

Shawn forces RW Slide in Vintage Masters and never sees Astral Slide or Lightning Rift. Can this draft be salvaged? Watch to find out.

Spoiler Season!—M15

Join us as we make foolish predictions about M15 cards we’ve never played with!

Watching from the Sidelines

Zach’s not been playing Magic, but not by choice. Here’s what it’s like watching from the sidelines when you’re too busy to play.

It’s Raining Men’s Rights Advocates

Jess is (quite reasonably) pissed that M15 decided to hand out designer credits only to men, and over 95% white men at that.

Magic 2015

This week we take a look at the first week of spoilers for Magic 2015 and talk about the upcoming prerelease experience.

Modern PTQ Weekend Part Two: Affinity

Following a Connecticut PTQ and sadness playing Jund, Matt gets back on his horse (a Zipcar) and Modern Affinity’s his way to a better record and some serious bro-downs.

Below the Sea, Part One

In this installment of the Scrub Report, Tony is live from Shanghai.