Welcome back to a very special edition of Grinding It Out. We’re always working on some cool projects to help the average competitive Magic player out there. Whether it’s a calendar of regional events or a guide to instant-speed effects for limited, we want to make it easier for you to succeed at competitive Magic.

A few weeks ago, Wizards announced some major changes to the ways that you can qualify for the Pro Tour. Most importantly was the splitting of the current PTQ system into a set of local qualifier events and regional PTQ events. The resounding response from the community was that adding a new layer of qualification makes the system very complex.

So we decided to start putting together some new tools to help players who want to qualify for the Pro Tour. One of the first by-products of our efforts is a map of every single PTQ event which can qualify you for Pro Tour “Dewey” which takes place in February next year. Now, instead of scrolling through Wizards’ unwieldy list of events, you can check this map to find out what events are close to you and plan accordingly.

The full site which will be independent from Hipsters of the Coast will go live in November, just in time for the double-PTQ season in December. We will continue to give you periodic updates along the way, and as we come up with cool things that we can share we will be sure to do so.

Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated. We want to know what you’d like to see from this kind of map in the future.

Map of Every “Dewey” PTQ Event

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