I’ve been playing MTGO for just a little over a week. My previous excursion into digital Magic left me wanting. For what I’m not positive. I wasn’t playing in a community at the time so all of my Magic time was spent online. Now that I’m deeply involved in my local scene, I really appreciate some “alone” Magic time.

After a few spins on the free phantom drafts I decided I ought to take advantage of the low price of cards (relatively speaking) in Vintage Masters. What a super fun format! I’ve been drafting Black Zombies mostly but I’ve had some success with Storm and Goblins. I’ve been playing a couple times a day, so I’m really getting a feel for the format. Aside from the ability to open Power and Dual Lands I have to admit that I still dig the heck out of Modern Masters and it still maintains top rank among my favorite draft formats, but VMA is a very close second.

Speaking of Power, I cracked a Black Lotus today! That feels pretty amazing! I’ve also snagged a Mox Ruby and a Time Twister. Since I play Steel City (Apple City??) Vault I can actually use the Twister. The goal is to eventually have my Vintage deck online. Lotus gets me much closer. Pretty excited!

Oh yea, I’m DurdleMagus on MTGO. Once I figure out the logistics of it I’ll prolly stream some Vintage drafts.

As far as the real deal paper Magic goes, I’ve been shitting the bed in Team Draft league, there’s a PTQ in Philly this weekend, and I’ve booked my flight and hotel for GP Orlando. It’ll be nice to get out of town for a few days and go to Disney. This is one of the few Magic Events I feel like I can take my non Magic Playing Girlfriend along without boring her to death. Meeting up with my Buddy Harry from Philly is an added bonus.

So the PTQ… I think I’m gonna say “fuckit” and play Storm. It seems like I’ve seen ZERO storm in the local meta over the course of the season. I’m deathly afraid of Eidolon of the Great Revel and The other guy thats a walking Arcane Lab. Super Scary Sideboard and sometimes maindeck tech. But If I’m gonna play storm I need to be ready to being blown out by that stuff. I have my own silver bullets as well.

It’s been a busy summer overall. Magic here and there. Left a job I’ve been at for 3 years to start a new one, while the photography career incubates. Hopefully, I’ll have a cool story to share with you next week about the PTQ or maybe I’ll haul off and by the rest of my deck online… probably not I’m not that baller. What do you like in Vintage Masters as far as draft picks. I just won with a deck that had 4 Kindle. I feel like that card goes later if you make sure to get ahold of them early.


Zac Clark, Durdle Magus.

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