It may be time to sideline Geist of Saint Traft and move on to less blue pastures. Zach’s here to tell you why.

Magic 2015 Prerelease

This weekend we took a brief detour from family vacation to hit up a Magic 2015 midnight prerelease.

GPDC Part Two: Tusk

Jones blasts through the thrilling second half of day one at GPDC playing Standard GW and Modern Affinity. Did he make it to Hooters? Read on, brave reader.

Stories from the PTQ scene

Zac brings up a couple of things to look out for at PTQs and events in general.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

10 First-Pick Commons in Magic 2015

Hunter provides some pack-one, pick-one guidance for those fresh Core Set packs you’re about to crack.

Week Seven

This week on Modern Hero we try to finish strong and learn a few lessons about checking our deck before presenting it to our opponent.

World of Magic

Tony explores the global Magic community in Shanghai. Also: cats, M15 prerelease, and one awesome game shop.

BURG Delver

Tim is starting to get the hang of four-color Delver.

Theros Five and Five

Carrie gives out some high fives to Theros block.

M15 Instants and Flash Creatures

Monique is back once again with this nifty (and printable) list of M15 Instants and Flash Creatures!

Two-Headed Giant at SCG Worcester

Shawn and Erica, Team Tunnel Ignus, play in a really weird Two-Headed Giant event at SCG Worcester.