Week Seven

This week on Modern Hero we try to finish strong and learn a few lessons about checking our deck before presenting it to our opponent.

World of Magic

Tony explores the global Magic community in Shanghai. Also: cats, M15 prerelease, and one awesome game shop.

BURG Delver

Tim is starting to get the hang of four-color Delver.

Theros Five and Five

Brendan gives out some high fives to Theros block.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

M15 Instants and Flash Creatures

Monique is back once again with this nifty (and printable) list of M15 Instants and Flash Creatures!

Two-Headed Giant at SCG Worcester

Shawn and Erica, Team Tunnel Ignus, play in a really weird Two-Headed Giant event at SCG Worcester.

Reflecting on Team Draft League

Derek takes a ravening bite out of Team Draft League—and learns something about teamwork from his Uncle Joey along the way.

Subtheme Supreme

In anticipation of Magic 2015 prerelease, Zach examines several of the set’s subthemes.

Conspiracy in the Pauper Cube

Jess talks Conspiracy updates in her Pauper cube, and explain why there’s lag in this feature.

GPDC Part One: Rumors

Jones rounds up his GPDC Main Event experience and shares an app that has made him a better person.

Magic’s Boondock Saints

This week we look at the growing indifference towards including women in the community, and why that form of misogyny is not acceptable.