Rob Bockman

Senior Contributor


A Hose by Any Other Name, Part Two

Rob continues his journey through the history of Magic cards designed to wreck another color’s day, kicking off with Zendikar


A Hose by Any Other Name, Part One

Rob dives into the history of Magic design going all the way back to Richard Garfield’s intent before talking about the Modern philosophies.


Navel Gazing

Rob reminisces on parenthood, navels, Joseph Campbell, Greek philosophy, and the question of just what is the center of the Magic universe?



Rob takes a critical look at March of the Machine: Aftermath wondering who exactly this product is for, and why it was created this way.

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Consider the Seedshark

You go in the cage, cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Seedshark’s in the water. Our Chrome Host Seedshark.


Refreshing Yourself from the Firehose

Rob takes a break from the deluge of new product previews and reviews to talk about Modern Horizons design elegance.


Finding a Home for Rona in Pioneer

Rob is ready to build the most legendary Rona, Herald of the Invasion deck in Pioneer, making use of the format’s broken Legends.


Breaking Hearts in Oathbreaker

Rob dives into the availability of Planeswalkers for the newly “official” Oathbreaker format, drawing comparisons to Commander’s early days.


Unearthing Hidden Gems for Phyrexian Commanders, Part Two

Looking for some new Commanders from the pages of the Phyrexian invasion? Rob has you covered with part two of this hidden gems series.


Unearthing Hidden Gems for Phyrexian Commanders, Part One

Rob begins his slow descent into madness as he tries to compleat new decks for the latest Phyrexian Commanders


The Ballad of Phyrexian Obliterator

Rob takes a look at Phyrexian Obliterator, a card perhaps as equally famous for having lofty expectations as for failing to ever reach them.