Rob Bockman

Senior Contributor


An Expert Review of Eldraine’s Enchanting Tales (With Special Guest)

Rob invites a very special guest to use their expertise in early childhood education and children’s stories to talk about Eldraine and Magic’s storytelling.


Searching for Sugarmaw

Rob looks at Devouring Sugarmaw and hopes for the best but can’t help thinking he’s seen this trick before somewhere…


Exploring the Universes

Rob takes out his crystal ball to look into what Wizards has planned for the future of their Universes Beyond product line.


Samwise, Food Foolish

Rob brings cat combo to Historic with some unexpected help from a friendly Hobbit gardener and chef extraordinaire.

Card Kingdom

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Hood for What Ails You

Rob dives into the artistic depictions and in-game usage of Hoods among wizards, witches, and executioners in fantasy artwork and Magic.


Orcing 9-to-5

Rob dives into his latest Commander concoction, a Rakdos deck helmed by Lord of the Rings legend Mauhur Uruk-hai Captain.


Please Note

Rob takes a quick journey through the evolution of wargames and the birth of Magic and the evolution of rules text.


The Most Fun You Can Have in Standard

What can your opponent do when your deck is full of bombs? Welcome to the most fun you can have in Standard!


Swords of the Rings

With Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth in players hands, Rob dives into the set’s legendary equipment offerings.


A Pernicious Proposal

Rob makes the argument that it’s time to reprint Pernicious Deed to solve Pioneer’s Mirror-Breaker woes once and for all


Loran Lore

Rob takes a journey through the evolution of Magic’s design of creatures both mechanically and as a storytelling vehicle