Rob Bockman

Senior Contributor


The Best Magic Cards Of The Last 10 Years

Rob revisits the most impactful and important Magic cards printed in each of the last ten years.


Four to Miss and Four to Watch in Standard

Standard rotation means saying goodbye to old favorites but getting excited for new powerhouses to join the fray.


Official Dominaria United Preview: Argivian Cavalier

This Dominaria United free preview from Wizards shows how far creature design has evolved from the original years on Dominaria.


You Can Go Home Again—To Dominaria

Will our upcoming return to Dominaria be our last?

Card Kingdom

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Delirium Pioneerens

You may be surprised to learn that Rob is playing graveyard-centric good stuff decks in Pioneer.


Doubling Down On Double Masters

Double Masters 2022 reprints some popular cards. Here are the ones Rob is excited to pick up.


The Circles of Phyrexia

Prepare yourself for the coming hell of Phyrexia with this examination of its nine circles inspired by Dante.


Do Androids Dream of Electric Pig-Deer? 

What happens when you feed Magic terminology into artifivcial intelligence art generators?


The Gateful Eight

Rob ranks the top eight cards he’s most excited about from Commander Legends: Baldur’s Gate.


Wedge Issues

Why does New Capenna fail where Alara and Tarkir succeeded?


Getting Obnoxious With Ob Nixilis

They keep printing Jund sacrifice fodder and we keep shuffling up.