Rob Bockman

Senior Contributor


The New Spheres of New Phyrexia

Rob dives into the lands of New Phyrexia and what they tell us about the world of machine and metal.


Stonecoil Serpent and Magic’s X/X for X Creatures

Rob doesn’t pull any punches this week when discussing Stonecoil Serpent and a recent Secret Lair drop (Content Warning Inside)


Viral Spawning is Deeper Than It Looks

Rob takes a deeper look at Viral Spawning, one of the uncommon cards from the new hotness that is Phyrexia: All Will be One


Hopes for Magic in Four 2023 Predictions

Rob might not be Nostradamus but he’s betting on a robust year for Magic and a stark improvement from 2022.

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Magic’s 2022 Time Capsule

Rob reminisces over the good times and the downright exhausting times of 2022, and picks his 7 most memorable cards of the year.


Magic’s Jumpstart as a Re-Entry Point

Rob walks us through the best of Jumpstart, as well as some gameplay variants.


Tracking the Legacy of Magic’s Corrupt

Corrupt has been with us for almost 25 years. Fittingly, it returns for The Brothers’ War.


The Meaning of Magic’s Brothers’ War

At the end of 2022, we’re finally retelling the story of the brothers at the scale it deserves.


Magic: The Gathering’s Creepiest Creature Types

There’s a whole menagerie of terrifying creatures in Magic’s margins.


Magic’s Changing Foils

The evolving struggle to build an all-foil deck.


Commander Mish Match

Rob explores some possibilities with new Commander deck legend Mishra, Eminent One!