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The Magic Minute

Why Are There Only 4 Decks In Commander 2017?

All previous Commander products included five decks…so why does Commander 2017 only include four?

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Black was the New Red at GP Minneapolis

Black dominated GP Minneapolis, with only one mono-Red deck in the Top 16.

The Magic Minute

Hascon Schedule, Panels, and Events

Wizards announced its schedule for Hascon, including the days and times of its panels.

Breaking News

Wizards Announces Magic: the Gathering Arena

Magic Arena was announced today and is likely to be the replacement for Magic Duels.

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Magic: the Gathering Arena

Hasbro held its annual Investor’s Day today and talked about Magic Arena and Magic’s growth in 2017.

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The Tribes of Commander 2017

Wizards announced the tribes from Commander 2017, plus the new Game Day Promos.

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The Winners of the 2016-17 Pro Tour Season Awards

The Pro Tour Awards were finalized last weekend at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation.

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Paulo Wins Another Pro Tour

Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa won Pro Tour Hour of Devastation and the Player of the Year race with mono-Red.

Hipsters Presents

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Top 8

You don’t want to miss this insane Top 8.

Hipsters Presents

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Day 2

All of the action from Day 2 of PT Hour of Devastation.

The Magic Minute

The Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Leaderboard and Metagame

We’ve got a look at the PT leaderboard and some numbers about the Standard metagame.