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On today’s Minute: Black dominated the Top 16 of GP Minneapolis, with mono-Black Zombies and BG Constrictor being the most popular deck choices.


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Thanks to ajlvi on Twitter for the awesome GP undefeated stats.


Grand Prix Minneapolis shook up the Standard format this weekend, with only a single mono-Red deck in the Top 16. Instead, it was Black’s time to shine, and an incredible 13 of the top 16 decks included the color. Of those 13, mono-Black Zombies and Green Black Constrictor appear to be the most popular deck choice, and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet was everywhere.

Steve Locke won GP Minneapolis with mono-Black Zombies, featuring his own two copies of Kalitas, going undefeated in the 15 swiss rounds with 0 byes. He is just the 16th player since 2006 to not drop a match in the swiss, and the first to do so without any byes. Locke eventually defeated Green Black Constrictor in the finals, piloted by Corey Baumeister, brother of Brad Neslon.

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