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On today’s Minute: Wizards announced its schedule for Hascon, including the days and times of its panels, as well as confirming there will be a playable Beta of Magic Arena.


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You can read Wizards’ announcement of its Hascon schedule here.


The schedule for Hascon has finally been released! The convention will take place from Friday, September 8th through Sunday the 10th in Providence, Rhode Island, and will feature panels and Magic tournaments all weekend long.

There will be two Magic-related panels on Friday. First, Wizards will be holding a 25th Anniversary Show and is promising to preview some cards from the upcoming Ixalan block.

Later that afternoon, Head Designer Mark Rosewater will hold another Blogatog live panel, in which he’ll answer fan questions about Magic design and maybe even sneak in some spoilers of his own.

On Sunday, the creative teams from both Magic and Dungeon & Dragon’s will hold a panel to discuss how they build some of the best fantasy worlds in gaming.

Hascon will also feature the Iconic Masters prerelease, nearly two months before it’s official release date, as well as a beta version of Magic: the Gathering Arena. This will be the first opportunity for the public to play Arena, the newest digital Magic game and the likely successor to Magic Duels.

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