The Magic Minute is the best way to quickly catch up on the day’s Magic: the Gathering news. Only have a few minutes to pay attention to MTG today? We’ve got you covered.

On today’s Minute: Wizards announced the tribes that Commander 2017 is built around, plus Game Day Promos, and expectations for tomorrow’s Hasbro Investor Day.


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The four tribes of Commander 2017 were revealed yesterday. Those tribes are Mardu Vampires, Grixis Wizards, 5-Color Dragons, and Green/White Cats. Wizards’ story team is also doing a podcast for each tribe leading up to the release of the product later this month. The podcast will be posted every Wednesday and today’s covers the Vampire tribe. You can find the episode at

Today, Wizards revealed the Hour of Devastation Game Day promo cards. Each player who participates will receive a full-art Abrade, while the Top 8 will receive a full-art Adorned Pouncer. As usual, the winner will receive a Game Day playmat, this time featuring the art from Torment of Hailfire.

Finally, tomorrow is Hasbro’s Investor Day conference call. Hasbro’s CEO recently mentioned that this call would be our next opportunity to learn about the Magic Digital Next initiative. Stay tuned to Hipsters of the Coast as we (hopefully) learn whether this initiative will include a Magic Duels replacement or an upgrade to Magic Online.

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