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Kramer Control Wins a PTQ

Hugh Kramer won NYC’s final limited PTQ. Read how it all went down!

Preview Season

Spoiler Season!—Khans of Tarkir

Join the Hipsters as we make foolish predictions about the new spoilers from Khans of Tarkir!

What We Learned

Khans of Tarkir Set Review

The Internet’s first Khans of Tarkir set review.

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Spoiler Season!—M15

Join us as we make foolish predictions about M15 cards we’ve never played with!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

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Spoiler Season!—Journey Into Nyx

The Hipsters Journey into Nyx to review some spoilers!

Preview Season

Spoiler Season!—Born of the Gods

The Hipsters team takes a crack at covering Born of the Gods spoilers.

Hope Eternal

The End Step—Commander, Vegas, and Valuable Information

At the risk of turning the End Step into a weekly comment spam post, I’d like to pass along another […]

Hope Eternal

The End Step—Excessively Skilled

I don’t think it’s too self-congratulatory to say that the HotC writers knocked their respective balls out of the park […]


The End Step—The Week That…Was

The week that was: Matt Jones attempted to crowdsource the redesign of the HotC site/logo—any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Rich […]


The End Step—Modern Family

Hailing from a city that sees very little snow—thankfully, because Seattle basically shuts down at the hint of a single snowflake—I […]


The End Step—20SS Modern PTQ, GP Gigantor, and More

Here at HotC, we spent this week recovering from from a massive weekend that included the Twenty Sided Store Modern […]