The best Magic players in the world have gathered in Kyoto, Japan for Pro Tour Hour of Devastation. Day 2 started with two excellent drafts from both Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa and Seth Manfield. After lunch, Mono-Red continued to burn down Standard.

You can find our Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Day 1 recap here and our Top 8 recap here.

Draft #1: Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

Day 2 started with a draft from Hall of Fame Pro, undefeated player, and Limited Master candidate Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa.

Draft #2: Seth Manfield

Seth was the only other undefeated player going in to Day 2.

Round 9 (Draft): Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa vs. Seth Manfield

The final two undefeated players at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation square off: Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa and Seth Manfield.

Round 10 (Draft): Martin Juza vs. Gerry Thompson

It’s the last Pro Tour winner against the Draft Master as Juza continues to try and slice through the draft competition on his way to qualifying for the World Championship.

Round 11 (Draft): Jon Finkel vs. Frank Karsten

Two of the best minds to ever play Magic square off. It’s the savant versus the doctor, and only one can finish the Draft undefeated at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation.

Round 12 (Standard): Jason Chan vs. Guillaume Wafo-Tapa

Hearthstone streamer Amaz snagged a special invite to Pro Tour Hour of Devastation and got matched up against the control master in Round 12.

Round 13 (Standard): Seth Manfield vs. Louis Bachaud

Luis Bachaud was at his first Pro Tour and made a long run deep into the tournament.

Round 14 (Standard): Shaun McLaren vs. Ivan Floch

At 6-6-1, Mclaren wasn’t in Top 8 contention but still had a shot at winning the 2016-17 Standard Master title and a spot at Worlds later this year.

Round 15 (Standard): Sebastian Pozzo vs. Dimitriy Butakov

Pozzo still had the lead for Standard Master going in to Round 15.

Round 16 (Standard): Seth Manfield vs. Shintaro Ishimura

Seth started the day undefeated but came in to the final round with four losses.

Video courtesy of Wizards’ Twitch channel.

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