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On today’s Minute: Hasbro held its annual Investor’s Day today and announced the upcoming Magic Digital Next initiative Magic Arena, which will likely replace Magic Duels.


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From Hipsters of the Coast, I’m David McCoy. Today is Thursday August 3rd, 2017, and this is the Magic Minute.

Hasbro held its annual Investor Day today in Burbank, California. Chris Cocks, the new CEO of Wizards of the Coast, was present to preview Magic’s upcoming digital product and talk about the game’s performance so far in 2017.

First, Cocks finally announced the official name of a much-anticipated Magic Digital Next initiative. The new game will be called Magic: the Gathering Arena and is currently in a closed Alpha. The game will go in to a closed Beta later this fall and is quote, “Designed for Magic Fans & Beyond.” No other details were shared at the meeting, but all of the available information continues to point to Magic Arena being a replacement for Magic Duels, not an improvement or new version of Magic Online.

Cocks also shared some impressive numbers to show that Magic has had an excellent first half of the year. The number of new players coming into the game is up an incredible 27% so far in 2017, and Twitch viewership is up an unbelievable 150% from 2016. These numbers bode well for the continued health and growth of the game.

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